Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment Project

LARGE Platform


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About Project

Knowledge is a key issue in the Europe 2020 Strategy. One of the priorities of the strategy - smart growth is driven by complex interactions between technical, social, economic, and human factors. The developments are being pushed by forces which find their next direction of gradual evolution. The project - Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment (LARGE) - is designed to create a new type of learning environment that support the educational/training institutions in delivering their curriculum in the most attractive and effective for the learners way.

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About Aumented Reality

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Abbreviated as AR, Augmented Reality is a type of virtual reality that aims to duplicate the world's environment in a computer. An augmented reality system generates a composite view for the user that is the combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer that augments the scene with additional information. The virtual scene generated by the computer is designed to enhance the user's sensory perception of the virtual world they are seeing or interacting with. The goal of Augmented Reality is to create a system in which the user cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual augmentation of it. Today Augmented Reality is used in entertainment, military training, engineering design, robotics, manufacturing and other industries.

Visit the outcome of LARGE Project - the AR platform

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