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Knowledge is a key issue in the Europe 2020 Strategy. One of the priorities of the strategy - smart growth is driven by complex interactions between technical, social, economic, and human factors. The developments are being pushed by forces which find their next direction of gradual evolution. The project - Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment (LARGE) - is designed to create a new type of learning environment that support the educational/training institutions in delivering their curriculum in the most attractive and effective for the learners way. The Augmented Reality is a known technology, which is used in some areas of the social and economic life – marketing and advertising, entertainment industry etc. but is poorly used for educational purposes – only in some individual cases due to its complex nature. Aim of the project is to build a global environment, based on this technology, simplifying the process of augmented reality content creation, allowing all educational/training institutions to benefit from its undoubted advantages. This Global Environment consists of a platform, serving as a basis for the system and an integrated content development tool, which will allow the creation of appropriate educational/training AR content by the target groups.

An AR system generates a composite view for the user which combines the real scene and the virtual scene generated by the computer that then augments the scene with additional information. The Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment superimposes graphics, audio, video, 3D objects and other enhancements from computers screens to real time environments expanding users’ knowledge, skills and experience. This is a new, richer way of describing and delivering the educational content and knowledge to users. This content takes a form of an image, known as a trigger (target) image and superimposed 3D objects that will be displayed on or around the target when viewed using the LARGE application. Thus is provided a rich contextual learning for individuals learning skills and each learner receives his/her own unique discovery path. In this sense this approach essentially exceeds the existing concept of interactive education and the known benefit from it. LARGE will redefine the users’ experience in lifelong learning resulting in many benefits, including improving the usability by acting as the interface itself, requiring little interaction from the users, reducing the search efforts, making learning much easier and attractive for the learners when the knowledge is transferred.

The direct target groups of LARGE are the institutions from all levels and fields of education:

  • •   Primary and secondary schools will benefit from the Global Environment in terms of attractiveness of the curriculum, which is a basic and successful method for achieving a maximum effectiveness of the educational process;
  • •  Universities will benefit mostly from the possibility for lowering the complexity of the learning resources, making hardly understandable themes, subjects, materials more clear and comprehensible through this new approach, which at the end improves the quality of higher education;
  • •  Vocational education and training institutions will have the advantage of bringing their educational process into the reality, thus increasing its effectiveness, which is one of their major objectives;
  • •  Adult education providers will experience the usefulness of LARGE in terms of applicability of the technology practically in all educational areas allowing the creation of various contents for different target groups in the relevant contexts.

From the end users’ point of view the system could serve:

  • •  as a web based platform, using Internet connection (Online);
  • •  as a computer based platform (Intranet- local networks- Offline);
  • •  to create augmented reality applications on their own using the development part of the platform.

Due to the unlimited availability of learning resources, the project Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment is not aiming to create new ones, but instead to use and enrich the already existing ones, improving their attractiveness, clearness and effectiveness, changing the perception about them and thus essentially increasing their usefulness. On the other hand LARGE will stimulate the creativity of the educators, which as result will have a positive effect on the motivation of the learners.


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