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ASEV Empolese Valdelsa Development Agency was created in 2001 with a mixed public private capital by the municipalities and social partners of the Empolese Valdelsa district, a region close to Florence, Italy.

ASEV office

The mission of ASEV is to promote the economic, cultural and social development of the Empolese-Valdelsa area.

Main activities:
•    Planning and conducting vocational training courses for people, enterprises, associations, Public Organizations
•    Piloting and participating in European Projects
•    Planning and management of educational and vocational guidance
•    Support to local schools in carrying out education connected programs and teachers’ training
•    Projecting and dealing with courses and activities related to university education
•    Planning and management of services to promote employment, also in cooperation with local public employment service
•    Training for migrants, together with the Circondario Empolese Valdelsa municipalities and Empolese Valdelsa Intercultural Centre.
•    Planning, conduct and promote tourism-related activities meant to enhance the cultural, historical and environmental patrimony of the region.

ASEV is a training centre accredited by Toscana Region and it is involved in training and vocational-guidance activities financed by European Social Fund (ESF).

It hosts an Open and Distance Learning centre belonging to the Regional Project TRIO, and manages the School of Ceramics and Pottery in Montelupo Fiorentino and the Regional Institute of Optics and Optometry in Vinci.

ASEV is certified ISO 9001:2000.

ASEV’s Financial Statement for the year 2010 amounts at about 3 million euro.

ASEV has a staff of 25 well prepared experts in various areas. Since its establishment, ASEV’s training activities have been attended by about 7000 people.

ASEV was involved in several international projects.
•    PRESTO Peer Related Education Supporting Tool (Comenius Multilateral, 2008-2010), Coordinator.
•    PSS Promoting Social Skills Amongst Students (Comenius Multilateral, 2009-2011), Coordinator.
At the moment, we manage the following projects:
•    WBS Web Based Jobsearch Support (KA3, 2010-2011), Coordinator.
•    CIVICO (Comenius Multilateral, 2011-2012), Coordinator.
•    L-Pack (KA2, 2011-2013), Coordinator.
•    SAFESEX (Health Call, 2010-2012), Partner. 
•    LARGE  Comenius Multilateral (KA3 ICT, 2011-2013), Partner.
•    IMPROVE (Grundtvig Multilateral, 2011-2012).
•    MtN Meet the Need. (GRUNDTVIG, 2011-2012), Partner.
•    TACTICS Lifelong Game (GRUNDTVIG, 2011-2013), Partner
•    BEQUAL+ (Transfer of innovation, LEONARDO DA VINCI, 2011-2013), Partner.
•    DAISS (Transfer of innovation, LEONARDO DA VINCI, 2011-2013), Partner.

All the Projects have been funded by the European Commission.

More about us you can see on http://www.asev.it/generale/en_chi_siamo.php