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ISMB-Inspectoratul Scolar Al Municipiului Buresti   



 "Ensuring the implementation of curriculum and educational policies developed by the Ministry of the Education, Research, Youth and Sports, through coordination, guidance, monitoring and evaluation in institutional schools under its jurisdiction."


Promoting educational partnerships;
To cover the needs of the local community;
Promoting the European values;
The use of asset management, principal terms of evolution and development.

The relational structure of ISMB:

it is subordinated hierarchically to the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports and also to the Prefecture

it has in its subordination: territorial inspectorates; the public and private pre-university education institutions of Bucharest;

It works with:

  • organizations and centers affiliated to the Ministry of the Education, Research, Youth and Sports;
  • the local community, represented by: The City Council / City halls Sector; The Local Council;
  • governmental and nongovernmental organizations, through partnerships and common activities with educational impact.
  • Parents’ Associations; Associations of pupils; Professional union; The House of Teachers - the organization that provides continuing education courses for teachers; CMBRAE - organization involved in the activity of `psycho-pedagogical given to students and teachers; universities.

Types of schools

Preschool and primary (218 kindergartens -148 Public nursery schools and 70 private nursery schools;  174 primary schools -162 public primary schools and 12 private schools)

Secondary schools (169 schools - 162 public schools and 7 private schools; 119 gymnasiums and high-schools)
Children's clubs, school sports clubs, schools of music and visual art


ISMB has a rich experience in elaborating and implementing projects – PHARE, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Comenius and, more recently, ESF. Among the most successful projects:

- “School for all”, within PHARE “Access to education of disadvantaged groups, mainly Rroma population”, in 7 schools between 1.06.2003-30.09.2004. The objective was to facilitate the access of the Rroma children to education as well as educational, professional and social integration, fighting against social exclusion and marginalization.

- September 2005– August 2006, ISMB developed the Project PHARE RO 2004/016-772.01.01 –“Access to education for disadvantaged groups” in 8 schools with the main goal to create an inclusive educational environment in these schools. Within this project, there were created 18 classes “Second chance – primary education” and 5 classes for lower-secondary education.

- ISMB implemented in 2006 within Leonardo Da Vinci, as lead applicant the project „Training of School managers for the development of total education quality” aimed at the development of financial management abilities and competencies and local partnership for 12 school managers in UK,  having as partner Work Experience UK.

- In 2009, ISMB implemented the VETPRO/2008/RO/186 project, for 30 inspectors/directors/and professors, in Italy, entitled „Development of didactic competencies for the career pursuit of young people”. The project was aimed at the adoption of the best practices of the Italian partner regarding the insertion of technical and professional institutions’ graduates on the labour market. 

- In 2010, ISMB implemented the LdV/VETPRO- „Sustainable Development – Pedagogical Practices”, aimed at the development of competencies of 40 teachers on sustainable development, as a necessity to protect the environment and maintain the wellbeing of society. The project was developed in partnership with the Italian partner, Expert Italia.

- In August 2010, ISMB in partnership with Buzau School Inspectorate, Bucharest Municipality and Expert Italia started implementing the ESF project “Innovative solutions and opportunities for insuring the access, participation and success of the mandatory education - "SOS” aimed at the prevention of dropout. The project has an ICT and creativity component.

- In November 2010, ISMB implemented the project Comenius no. 509925-LLP-1-2010-1-RO-COMENIUS – Accompanying Measure, Title: POSITIVE THINKING TRAINING, project signed with the Education, Audio-Visual and Culture Executive Agency from Brussels. The project has been developed in partnership with DIAN -Training and Management Activities, Greece, The Technical University of Crete (TUC), Greece, “Media” Technical College, Romania, State Institute of Vocational Education (SIOV), Slovakia, 138mo SOU „Prof. Vassil Zlatarski“ (SOU).

- In November 2011, ISMB started the implementation of the Lifelong Learning Programme, Transversal Programme, Key Activity 3 ICT, Multilateral Projects, no. 519195-LLP-1-2011-BG-KA3-KA3MP, Project LARGE, in partnership with Magic Solutions Ltd. MS-Sofia, Bulgaria.

You can find more about us on http://www.ismb.edu.ro/