Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment Project

Project Updates

Training seminars summary report

In the period 26 September - 29 October 2013, 12 Training Seminars to train users how to interact with LARGE Platform ...

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Project LARGE International Conference

On October 21, 2013 in Sofia will be held International Conference "Augmented Reality - a means of improving the quality of ...

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Illustrative content developed on LARGE Platform

Illustrative content has been prepared for the 4 major target groups - Schools, Universities, Adult education and VET.

A total number ...

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Content Tool Manager Documentation

The Content Tool Manager (CTM), part of LARGE system is ready. The CTM contains three main products - Trigger images creator ...

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LARGE System Prototype is published

The Prototype of LARGE system is developed and published. You can find it here.

Please express your opinion.

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Stakeholders Consultations Summary is published

The summary of all stakeholders consultations held in the partner countries is prepared and published. It contains the opinions, recommendations ...

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LARGE System Design is published

The System Design document is published on the project website. You can find it here

Your comments and recommendation about ...

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System Design is prepared

The first product of LARGE software system is ready. This is the start of the implementation of the most important ...

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Development Meeting in Italy

From April 2nd to April 5th the first Development meeting will be held in Empoli, Italy.

The host of the ...

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Stakeholders Consultations in Bulgaria

As a part of project LARGE (WP 3), a series of workshops will be conducted in Bulgaria between project representatives ...

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